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Used Ski Boats: True Market Value Indication

Times have drastically changed since the last generation of boat consumers.  The past generation of consumer had only a handful of ways to search for their ideal ski boat.  The most accessible was the physical location of the dealership, and the second was the classifieds in the local newspaper.

2006 Tahoe Ski Boat

Today the world has changed drastically.  While the average consumer today can still purchase through the local dealership or local classifieds, the world has opened up to them in regards to the internet. Used ski boats are everywhere for sale. So where do you go for a great deal on ski boats?

The past consumer relied on the set price of the manufacturers, and occasionally stumbled across a good deal with a private seller.  The consumer of today’s generation can search a much wider region than that of which they reside. 

The boom of Craigslist has replaced the print classifieds and has placed ski boats for sale all over the nation at the fingertips of each and every consumer.  The dream boat up the street might be going for $17,000 on Craigslist, but that same beautiful used ski boat farther down the road might be going for $13,000 on eBay. 

Another major shift in the favor of the consumer is that of eBay.  Real time auctions have enabled the consumer to see actual market value.  Typically there is a significant difference between retail value and market value.  The amount of money that can be saved by purchasing a slightly older used ski boat can be quite significant. 

Take that same boat in a real time auction setting and one would be surprised at the difference between asking private seller price and actual market value.  This is what makes eBay the best place to purchase a used ski boat.  The market determines the price and therefore you always know your getting a great deal!

2008 Supra Ski Boat

Individuals today are privately selling ski boats for various reasons.  One would have to imagine with the economic situation that our country is in that there are some very high quality used ski boats being offered for sale in the private sector.  When prospective consumers glance through classifieds, they are still seeing what private sellers (or even dealerships) are hoping to sell the water craft for.  When watching the trends on eBay of real time auctions a prospective consumer can start to realize the real market trends and values. 

Another factor to consider is that sellers have the option to place reserves on their auctions.  This means that if the seller places a specific reserve amount, then the used ski boat will not actually sell unless that reserve amount has been met.  There is also an option for selling without a reserve amount.  This means that whatever the final bid is for the allotted time of the auction, then the ski boat is sold for that amount. 

It goes without saying that one has to invest time and research into every impending purchase, but especially those on Craigslist and eBay.  It is important for the consumer to ask as many questions as possible, to understand exactly what they are bidding on.  There are opportunities for scams to occur; therefore any consumer needs to take every step imaginable to ensure quality and condition of the item up for bid.

1968 Donzi Ski Boat

One of the biggest advantages of eBay is that every seller has a rating that is voted on by purchasers.  Therefore if you buy from someone who has a rating over 90% you can be pretty self assured that you will not be scammed or buying a ski boat that is secretly damaged in some way, shape or form.  This can not be said for classified ads where there is no rating system on the seller.

We have many different brands of ski boats and all are listed thru eBay ensuring you always get the best price.  Just click on the top left of page to see the results from the brand of used ski boat you’re looking for.  Thanks for coming by and please bookmark us and tell your friends about us!

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