Malibu Ski Boats - Creators of the Corvette Boat

Malibu Boat started out twenty-seven years ago, founded by Robert Alkema, making custom ski boats for their clients. Today, Malibu still continues to create boats, but on a larger scale. However, they still maintain the same company culture wherein everyone is treated like family, and giving the same care and attention to each and every boat they produce.

What sets Malibu ski boats apart from the other boats in the market is that they have excellent interiors. Malibu Boat believes that apart from impressing others with the beauty of your boat from the outside, what is more important is the look of your boat inside. After all, this is where you will be spending most of your time as well. Continued Below:

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2007 Malibu V Ride Illusion Tower Low Hours
2007 Malibu V Ride Illusion Tower Low Hours
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2006 Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV
2006 Malibu Wakesetter 247 LSV
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So when you step inside a Malibu ski boat, you will be amazed with the luxury features of their boats. The seats are upholstered with Dura-Guard, a stain resistant vinyl that is thirty-eight ounces G&T Marine. It is so sumptuous and comfortable. But it is also very durable and practical, as it is not prone to aging and staining.

Another excellent feature in Malibu’s interiors is its LCD switch panels. Here, you can change the settings of the sound system and other systems in the boat, with just the touch of a finger. Truly impressive! Being inside a Malibu ski boat is just like being inside a luxury car or even a really swanky apartment. It is just so comfortable and classy.

And speaking of luxury cars, Malibu Boat has teamed up with Indmar to produce a limited edition Sport-v Corvette boat. Imagine that, a Corvette boat! Now this is something really worth checking out. Especially for all the car enthusiasts out there. The Corvette boats are rare to find so if you see one for sale don’t hesitate to act.

2008 Corvette Boat
Corvette Boat an N.Y. Boat Show
But Malibu Boat is not just all about style, but substance as well. The Malibu’s ETX/CAT exhaust system emits less carbon monoxide gases, making it environmentally friendly to the water and to humans as well. Imagine not having to breathe in those nasty fumes we so associate with motor boats. With Malibu’s innovative exhaust system, it is now possible.

Corvette Boat

And what about your safety and that of your passengers? Malibu guarantees that you will always be in good hands whenever you are in one of their boats. Also, it is a standard in their boats that their Malibu Luxury Sport-V propulsion system is hidden beneath the hull. That way, other boaters and swimmers are safe from any accidents and injuries too.

Their engines are also worth mentioning. Malibu has teamed up with Indmar Marine Engines to come up with engines that deliver maximum performance. Their 320 LCR is a 320-horse power, multi-power, fuel-injected engine. With this in place, it delivers turn-key starts, power, dependability and fuel efficiency. This is just one of the high-performance engines in Malibu boats and Indmar Marine Engines’ line up. No wonder this team up has garnered thirteen world records and six Boat of the Year awards for six straight years.

Another feature of Malibu ski boats is their patented power wedge, which is seen in all Malibu models. It permits for a whole range of positions with its automatic hydrofoil. This feature is perfect for water sports and towing along water skiers and the like.

Style and substance are combined in one powerful package. Check out Malibu ski boats on eBay today. You never know, you may even find a corvette ski boat for sale as well!

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