Sea Doo Jet Boat

Sea Doo Jet Boat

Every boat enthusiast has the boat of their dreams sketched in extreme detail in their mind. The size of the engine, the exact shade of burgundy on the pinstripe, and even the exact song playing when it jumps to life. When there is a deep desire for speed, Sea Doo Boats wants the consumer to think of them. Sea Doo Jet Boats are made with jet motors, whereas most of the ski boats on the market today are offered with either V-Drive or D-Drive.

The current Sea Doo Boat Fleet is made up of nine models, which are broke down into four categories; Recreation, Musclecraft, Sport, and Luxury Performance. Sea Doo Boats prides itself on offering the consumer both mid range and high range quality Jet Ski boats. Depending on the model, they range from being family, sport, or speed oriented.

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2006 Sea Ray 205 Sport w Only 55hrs
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The Sea Doo boat Recreation category is made up of the 230 Challenger (SE and SP), the 180 Challenger (SE and SP), and the Islandia SE. One way to understand the difference in variations is that the SP tends to be the standard models, and the SE’s are higher quality. The most powerful in this category would be the 230 Challenger SE which can top out at around 510 HP, and seats up to twelve individuals.

The Islandia SE also seats up to twelve individuals, and is offered with a 430 HP power package. The Islandia SE also has comforts such as a changing room and a porta-potty, thus making it a family oriented favorite. The smallest boat in this category is the 180 Challenger. It can top out around 255 HP and seats up to eight individuals.

1998 Used Sea Doo Challenger Jet Boat

The Musclecraft category is built for speed, clear and simple. They can pull skiers and wake boarders, but this wasn’t their design purpose. The absolute thrill of flying was their main design purpose. If a boat enthusiast is looking for something that will meet the thirst for speed then the 200 Speedster and the 150 Speedster are worth more than a glance. The 200 Speedster sports twin Rotax 4-TEC engines that operate at around 430HP, and can seat up to 7 individuals. The 150 Speedster is fitted with a 155HP Rotax 4-TEC engine, with upgrade options to either 215HP or 255HP. This is a much smaller Sea Doo jet boat and seats only up to four individuals.

2007 Sea Doo 230 Challenger SE

The sport category meets the demand for “edgy”, extreme, and power head on. The 230 Wake and the Speedster Wake combine style and performance in a very contemporary way. Both offer a focus on wakeboarding by having the WakeBoost System, as well as the Perfectpass Wakeboard Pro. These enable the driver to adjust the speed and wake size to accommodate whatever the skill of wake boarder currently is. Both come with 430HP power package, but the 230 Wake has an upgrade option for 510 HP.

2009 Sea Doo Jet Boat

The last main focus for Sea Doo is the Luxury Performance. The 205 Utopia SE sits alone in this category. It comes in either the 310 HP or 430 HP, and seats up to 8 individuals. The one feature that this model sports that many of the others do not is that of a depth finder.

Sea Doo Boats has strived to offer a quality product for virtually any type of water sport enthusiast. Their unique differences from others on the market make them stand out from the crowd. They are more than worth a look when picking a water sport vehicle!

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