How to Drive a Ski Boat

How To Drive A Ski Boat
While Towing a Water Skier

The number one thing that you want to remember when towing a water skier while you are towing a ski boat is that you are in charge of the safety of both the boat and the water skier. So beforehand, talk to the skier about where you are planning to take him and where he would like to go. Make sure you have sufficient gas for the duration of the ride.

Another precaution you want to take is checking out the water for items that are floating or submerged that might hamper your driving. You cannot rely on the skier you are towing to observe these things for you, as he will be preoccupied on enjoying his ski. What's more, your skier might be a first-timer, so extra precautions must be made.

When you are driving the boat already, keep your eye on the skier as well. Be mindful of where the skier is the entire time. You can keep checking up on him through a rear view mirror or by glancing sideways from time to time. It is unwise to turn your entire back around because you might hit something fast approaching! Remember to focus on the front of the boat but still be aware of what is behind you. The safety of the skier is in your hands.

Another important thing to know is that you should only approach and move around the skier when the boat is idle. Let your skier pick up the skis on your side (driver's side) of the ski boat. Because your ski boat has propellers, there is a great danger that if the skier approaches or gets on the boat on the side where the propeller is while the motor is running, he might come into contact with the propeller. This will be disastrous and bloody. So make sure that the motor is off when the skier is getting on the boat or getting on their skis.

Always be mindful of the location of the rope so that it does not get caught in the water skis while you are driving the boat. Therefore, you should only start the motor when you are far away from skier as possible, and the rope is taut enough for the skier to handle. Wait for your skier's go signal to start the motor as well. Take a last look at the skier behind you making sure the ski boar and the water skier are aligned and there are no hazards or obstacles between these two. Check again on the skier and the rope, and that he is holding the rope properly. Then you can start pulling him along.

When you start running the boat and pulling him along, keep watch of the other boats on the water and the situation up ahead. You must be able to control the throttle making sure you are not going too fast or too slow for the skier. You must be able to pull them along smoothly at an accelerating speed. You do not want them to fall over by going at a speed that is too fast.

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