Ski Boat Seats

Ski Boat Seats
By Lisa Renee Sherman

One important option on any boat is seating. Due to the difference in various models, most seating is custom made to fit. If one is purchasing a used ski boat there could be a desire to upgrade the seating due to wear and tear or to change the tone of the ski boat.

Most ski boats have combinations of seating. Typically there are bench styled seating as well as wrap around bucket seats. Often there are back to back jump seats that offer storage. Depending on the floor plan design the deck can be fitted with lounge seats, or have curved bench seating that is custom fit to the shape of the bow.

New seating is one way to drastically change the appearance of the ski boat. The sun can do an incredible amount of harm to the upholstery of the seats. The colors fade, and often the material becomes dry and brittle causing cracks and tears. Changing the seats is one upgrade that can take years off of the appearance of a used ski boat.

Bench seats are found on both ski boats and fish n ski boats. Bench seats tend to be cushioned in both the seating and backside of the seat. These units are handy because they can offer storage underneath the seat cushion, which is something that one can never get enough of on a ski boat. With fish n ski boats live wells can also be located underneath the seat cushions of bench style seating.

Bucket seats by far are ranked higher for comfort, but are not able to offer storage. Usually bucket seats are made with the highest of marine grade upholstery and withstand the environmental elements better. This style of seats tends to be mounted directly to the boat.

Lounge seats are wide seats that are arranged more like a sofa. Two or more people can usually occupy one lounge seat, and the main purpose is for sunbathing. These seats are typically located on the deck of the boat.

Due to how much the sun can damage seating, many boat owners are turning to seat covers for covering another level of protection. Seat covers can also change the appearance of older seats are might not be ready to be replaced, but could use some sprucing up. This by far is a more economic way of changing the appearance of the seats without outright replacing them.

For parent of small children that desire to take them on boat rides, there are actual infant safety seats that are specifically designed for watercrafts. A great site to gather more information regarding these seats please go to: This site offers information about how these seats differ from standard car seats and the manufacturers of them.

Like that of most parts, seating can be purchased direct from the factory and be installed at the local dealership. This tends to be very pricey though. There are hundreds of aftermarket companies that offer quality seating that can be installed by a mechanically inclined individual or an independent mechanic.

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